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Have you wondered why?
This series The Mouse's Diary has won as many awards as has done already? 

Well here is your chance to experience real Author magic, in a novel that captivates children whole heartedly.

As such I also invite you to write a review after seeing the story and share your thought's upon both the story and those full page colour Illustrations drawn to enchant you as the reader.

<![CDATA[Back 2 Back Gift 4 you]]>Fri, 02 Jun 2017 21:49:46 GMThttp://themousesdiary.com/competitions/back-2-back-gift-4-you
Week 1: 7th June to 11th June 2017
Week 2: 17th June to 21st June 2017
Click on the current week and you will be taken to a secure download site where you can claim your free ebook copy during the stated times. NB: normal sale price may still be showing when you open the secure site. However Kindle has said no charge will be made to anyone downloading during the giveaway time as stated for redemption time week 1 or for week 2 offer period. If you download before or after the expiry standard sale charges will apply. If you have any problems please contact kindle directly as Kindle has setup this gift for you. Thank you and from me to you, I hope you enjoy the stories too, Author Ken Donaldson
<![CDATA[2017 Valentine lover leap]]>Mon, 30 Jan 2017 09:42:30 GMThttp://themousesdiary.com/competitions/2017-valentine-lover-leap​A rose by any other name would not be a Valentine lover
Without the 50 shades of love leaping from you
Dearest Valentine let your love leap for me this time.
Welcome to the 2017 Valentine lover leap.
For a chance to be one of the lucky lovers of Valentine in 2017.
Answer any or all of the questions below in your own words,
Paperback Question:
Tell me why you loved section of The Mouse’s Journey volume 1 based on pages 41 to 45?
Ebook Question for Naughty Ladies Tell Tales Uncut – Naughty Computer repairs
I loved the story section on page 21 ………
Ebook Question for Andrew’s Plight:
I loved the part about how on page 17 …..
Prizes up for grabs
  1. One lucky Valentine chosen for a signed paperback copy, of Naughty Ladies Tell Tales Uncut Collections Volume 1 valued at $185usd.
  2. Ten lucky Valentines chosen; shall receive a single Ebook copy of the story, Naughty Ladies Tell Tales Uncut – Naughty Computer repairs
  3. Five lucky Valentine chosen shall receive a single Ebook copy of the story Andrew’s Plight
The rules are simple;
  1. Post your answer on themousesdiary.com webpage where you find the contest Blog on the competitions page.
  2. Respond to the message sent by the Author if you are chosen as a winner within 7 days.
  3. Best valid creative answer to the paperback question wins first prize.
  4. All ebook prizes will be chosen at random from valid entries.
  5. The contest is now open and closes on Friday 10th February 2017, at 6pm Sydney Australia time zoning.
  6. You are allowed to enter once for each question and may post all three answer a single entry (see how to do a valid three entry answer in one single entry below)
If you want to post all three questions in a single post, make sure you set it out as follows to be valid:
  1. Show the title Naughty Ladies Tell Tales Uncut Collections Volume 1 above your answer.
  1. Show the Ebook title above your answer, Naughty Ladies Tell Tales Uncut – Naughty Computer repairs
  1. Show the Ebook Title Andrew’s Plight above your answer.
  1. Leave a line space between each answered question before posting the next answer.
Judgement will be done in the following way.
  1. Randomly from the valid entries for all ebook prizes based on pages 21 and 17.
  2. Best considered creatively written answer based on page 41 to 45 for the first prize.
Terms, Conditions and legal disclaimers.
  1. The Author shall not be held accountable for any illegal activity you as the entrant engage in with a third party not authorized by the Author Ken Donaldson.
  2. You as the entrant understand neither the website hosting company, Amazon, facebook, twitter nor googleplus have any connection to running of this contest.
  3. You as the entrant agrees you are allowed one entry in this contest for each of the questions given.
  4. You as the entrant accept in order to be chosen as a winner your answer to the question must appear on themousesdiary.com website contest question blog.
  5. You as the entrant accept all judgement is final.
  6. You as the entrant understand the Author Ken Donaldson will at no stage ask you for credit card details, bank account details or a payment of any kind. This includes photo identification, nor proof of purchase, ect.
  7. You as the entrant understand all prizes paid out by the Author Ken Donaldson will be delivered at the earliest possible time in accord with delivery methods available under postal system regulations.
  8. You as the entrant accept the Author alone shall contact you with collection details for claiming your no cost to you prize. 
<![CDATA[Sorrow Hill Saltbury Estate Readers Challenge Promotion]]>Thu, 28 Apr 2016 00:07:58 GMThttp://themousesdiary.com/competitions/sorrow-hill-saltbury-estate-readers-challenge-promotion

Wishing you many happy hours of reading as you have fun begin part of this promotion. 
Ken Donaldson Author
<![CDATA[update number 2]]>Sat, 23 Apr 2016 03:17:42 GMThttp://themousesdiary.com/competitions/update-number-2]]><![CDATA[Saltbury Promotion Update]]>Mon, 18 Apr 2016 11:36:22 GMThttp://themousesdiary.com/competitions/saltbury-promotion-update
For your convenience here are the title links.  

www.createspace.com/6183710 for normal print edition or www.createspace.com/6183894 for large print edition

other title links www.createspace.com/6135957 for normal print edition or www.createspace.com/4900924 for large print edition. 
<![CDATA[Saltbury Announcement]]>Thu, 14 Apr 2016 11:34:19 GMThttp://themousesdiary.com/competitions/saltbury-announcement]]>